Sculpting Project Five: Day of Kindness, Week 2

Sculpting Project Five: Day of Kindness Week 2

“Therefore, as God’s chosen people clothe yourself with . . . kindness. . .” Col. 3:12
“Love is . . . kind.” 1 Cor. 13:4
“ Be Kind . . . to one another . . .” Eph. 4:32

Question: Do we keep on doing sculpting projects after the two weeks?
Answer: Yes, or No, or Some but not all.

It depends on how the project fits you and what you sense from God.

On one hand:
Keeping all projects going will exceed energy and willpower for most of us.

On the other hand:
Though two weeks of a sculpting project can make a significant contribution to your life,
Two more weeks of the same project will often (not always) have a more powerful sculpting effect.
Some projects can become a new permanent fixture in your life.

Keep an eye out for the sculpting projects that seem like a good fit or that you sense God calling you to.
Then create your own sculpting goals.
Ask others to join you in your new project goals.

Example: Three Things is a good fit for me so I set a goal of making a list of 1000 things I love. This is a long-term goal that will keep me at the project for an extended time.

“Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; For His loving-kindness is everlasting.” Ps.136:1


What Determines Happiness?

Picture a Pie Chart here (that I have not figured out how to create on this program).

Better yet, picture your favorite pie cut in parts. Apple crumb, or pecan, or coconut cream, or rhubarb, or ?

10% Circumstances

50% Set point/Genetics

40% Intentional Activity
(Sculpting Projects)

Findings from psychological research studies.
Cited in The How of Happiness, Lyubomirsky.


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