Sculpting Project 10: The 4 Minute Mile and The 4 Hour Mile: Week 1

Sculpting Project 10: The 4 Minute Mile and The 4 Hour Mile Week 1

Speed of Life

Between a three-toed sloth or a school of fish in a feeding frenzy I tend to feel like the fish. I frequently sense God’s call for me to ‘Go Slowly.’

When I move more slowly my eyes open to a world I was missing. When I take a slow walk in summer I see the mica flecks sparkling everywhere, tiny bright red insects scurrying on the rocks, hawks soaring in the blue. Winter days I watch icicles drip from the cliffs, tiny plants growing under the snow and hear the sounds of snow geese forming their V’s.

With its wall to wall miracles
Tucked in the hidden picture
Suddenly visible
In the slow

God has filled my world with gifts that I am completely ignoring when I rush though my days.

Going slowly brings me back to myself and God’s presence.

There is a time for slowness, but there is also a time for quickness and zeal.

One year on an extended retreat I experimented with low activity. It became so low that I began to feel achy. Not well in mind or body. Zeal became my new goal. I took an energetic walk and began to feel my aches disappear. Zealous, energetic movement can be a mood lifter as well. Aerobic activities are one effective therapy for depression.

This two weeks we will explore speed of movement and its many effects on us.

How does our speed affect our mood, our body, our spirit? Do we sense God’s presence differently in the times of slow movement than in times of energetic movement?

Project 10: Speed of movement

Part one: The 4 Hour mile: Spend 2 minutes a day moving slowly.

Part two: The 4 Minute Mile: Spend 2 minutes a day moving quickly.

Tips: Keep this project easy.

Walking is the easiest way to do this project for me.
Pick a time you walk every day for 2-4 minutes.
Then connect this project with your activity. ”When I walk to my mail box I will move very slowly. When I walk back I will walk very quickly.”

Connecting a project to an existing activity will:
1. Help you remember.
2. Remove the need to decide, which takes will-power energy.

Speed of movement has a significant effect on my well-being and sense of connection with God.

Let us know what you discover. Is God calling you to go slowly or move with zeal?

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength. Then secondly, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Mark 12:30-31

Using our strength to sculpt our heart, soul, and mind to love God and our neighbor.


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