Sculpting Project 17: Built to Play: Week 1

Sculpting Project 17: Built to Play: Week 1

In the animal kingdom the more complex the brain the more a creature plays. We have the most complex brains of all. We are built to play. And it is not just children who have been built for play. Humans continue to play into adulthood more than any of God’s creations.

What is play? Definitions are difficult, but here are a few word that have been used as an attempt: Fun, voluntary, seemingly purposeless, pleasurable, needless, focused on experience not accomplishing a goal.

Q: Why keep playing even when we are all grown up?

A: God designed us for play and when we play we will experience physical and mental benefits.

Here are a few that have been discovered in psychological studies.


  • Develops emotional maturity
  • Stimulates nerve growth in the emotion area of the brain
  • Increased development in the cognition area in the brain
  • Develops decision-making ability
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Makes us more open to change
    Helps us learn new information

    Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning.

How do you play?

As a way to explore play that fits you well you may want to ask yourself, ‘ What was my favorite way to play as a child? How could I do that today?

Sculpting Project 17: Built to Play

Explore playing in the presence of God for a few minutes each day.

Our kids play at tree climbing. How do you play?

Not sure where to start?

Move your body in playful ways as you do a regular activity (perhaps in a private setting if that will help you feel freer.)

Need more inspiration?

Try Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks (full sketch 4:54 sec) on YouTube



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