Sculpting Project 24: 7 Essential Brain Nutrients: Week 1

Sculpting Project 24: 7 Essential Brain Nutrients Week 1

I spend a good part of my day in a focused attention finishing a writing project. I am in ‘flow’, lost in time. It is largely satisfying, but I emerge in a fog. What does mind need to do to reach equilibrium?

This focused time is an essential nutrient for my brain, but not the only nutrient I need. My foggy brain is craving the 6 other essential mental nutrients.

The field of interpersonal neurobiology has developed a recommended daily activity diet necessary for optimum mental health.

The 7 Essential Mental Nutrients.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Focus time: When we focus closely on tasks in a goal oriented way and take on challenges that make deep connections in our brains.

Play time: Time to be spontaneous or creative, playfully enjoying novel experiences, makes new connections in our brains.

Connecting Time: Connecting with other people, ideally in person, connecting with the natural world and connecting with God activates and reinforces our brain’s relational circuitry.

Physical Time: When we move our bodies, aerobically if possible, we strengthen our brain in many ways.

Time In: Quiet reflection internally, meditation helps integrate our brains.

Down Time: Time to be non-focused, letting our mind wander and relax helps our brain recharge.

Sleep Time: Giving our brains rest we consolidate learning, embed memories, and recharge.

Q. How often do you need each nutrient/activity?
A. Daily

Q. How much of each nutrient/activity do you need?
A. Amount varies from person to person and from day-to-day. You decide what amount fits your needs.

Tip 1: Some nutrient/activities can be combined. Ex. Connect time and Play time and Physical time.

Tip 2: Even a few minutes of a missing or low nutrient/activity can help your brain.

The goal of this Sculpting project: Helping ourselves and our neighbor to have a healthy mind.

Sculpting Project 24: 7 Essential Brain Nutrients: Week 1

1: Observe the 7 nutrient activities in your day. Especially note which ones are low or missing.

2: Add a few minutes of a missing or low nutrient/activity to each day.

Check out: The Healthy Mind Platter, created by Dr. Daniel Siegel and David Rock.

I finish my focused nutrient of writing and I get up to get some of the physical nutrient. My mind and body want to move.


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