Soul Sculpting Project: Lightning Prayers

Soul Sculpting Project: Lightning Prayers

I ‘d like to introduce you to a few of the animals in my life. Here are the latest additions of Hildegard, and Columba and their mother, here are Bridget and Macrina. Solomon our rooster and his 11 wives. Our large cat Nims.

I have wild animals in my life as well, some awe-inspiring and others challenging. I also have trees, mountains, buildings and a small town in my world. And I have people.

What is in your world? Any animals? What’s in the environment? Who are the people?

In this week’s Soul Sculpting Project we reach out of ourselves to the world around us.

Our Sculpting tool is Lightning Prayer.

Lightning is quick and powerful.

  • Lightning prayers are quick. One word, a phrase or a sentence at the most.
  • Lightning Prayers are powerful because they are not simply a wish, but they are a request addressed to our loving and powerful God.

How I do the Lightning Prayer Project:

First I pick a time and place. Anywhere and anytime will work.

  • A music rehearsal, shopping at the feed store, on a hike, going to sleep, . . . all work for Lightning Prayers.

Once I pick the time and place I start right in and pray (usually silently) a quick prayer for whoever comes to my attention.

  • At a music rehearsal I might pray: “Lord, bring a piano teacher for Steven.” or “joy to Laura”.
  • At the animal feed store: “Lord, pour your blessings on this clerk” or simply “Hope” when I see a young mother.
  • On a hike I might pray for the pinion trees: “Bring health”.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Going to sleep at night: “Lord, bring Evan skill in his research”, “wisdom to Claire’s team”, “success in Terese’s work”, “peace and rest in the chicken coop.”

Lightning Prayers can be:

Specific – “Lord, bring a piano teacher for Steven.”


General – “Lord, pour your blessings on. . . “ or “Hope”

Praying one general prayer over and over is just fine.

Pick prayers that feel authentic to you. My examples may or may not be a good fit for you.

If you are inclined to study further you can check out Paul’s prayers and select a short phrase like “may their love abound” Phil. 1: —  2 more samples to check out: Col. 1: 9-12 or Eph. 3:14-19

  • But don’t get stuck searching for the perfect prayer.
  • Pick one that is good enough and step into Lightning Praying.
  • You can refine as you go.

We will deepen our connection with God through our prayers on behalf of others.

And in the wonderful design of things, as we bless others we are blessed.

Here are some research findings from a large mix of studies.

  • Lightning Prayers increase our positive emotion and mood. (We are happier)
  • When we find that our prayers bring us an experience of emotional warmth we are releasing oxytocin into our body.
    • Oxytocin starts a chain reaction that lowers our blood pressure,
      • reduces damaging free-radical atoms
      • reduces inflammation.
  • Lightning Prayers can lower negative stress,
    • reduce depression,
    • increase relational satisfaction and skills.

Bottom line: Lightning Prayers increase our ability to thrive.

One challenge we may encounter in our Lightning Prayers is our own relationship to prayer.

Prayer is very simple: Communication with God.

But it also holds complexities. We may struggle with understanding prayer and its challenging issues like unanswered prayer.

These are worthy topics to work through, BUT for this sculpting project I encourage us to set aside our struggles and confusion and just enter into brief prayers.

  • Even though we don’t have prayer all figured out, find a word or phrase that feels authentic and use it.

Soul Sculpting Project: Lightning Prayer – Quick and Powerful

  1. Select a time/place to pray. Jogging, sitting in a meeting, laying in bed. . . 
  2. Pray a word, phrase, or sentence (specific or general) for whatever comes to your attention.

May our lightning prayers be infused with God’s power.


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