Soul Sculpting: Being Present to the Present = Production Up and Quality Up

Soul Sculpting: Being Present to the Present = Production Up and Quality Up

It was the first day of his practice and Dr. Bloom’s waiting room was packed. ‘It is unfair” thought Dr. Bloom, “for me to be slow in my consulting room and make these people wait a long time.” So he tried to be as quick as he could with each examination.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

At the end of the day he was dismayed to realize he hadn’t the slighted memory of the people with him in the consulting room because his mind was always counting the heads of the people who were not with him. The result of this divided attention in the consulting room was that he had to ask all the questions twice and do all the examinations two or even three times.

On the second day of his practice Dr. Bloom changed his tactics. He decided to behave as if the person with him was the only one who existed. When he felt the urge to be quick, he would sit back and engage in small talk for a few minutes. This day went better.

By the third day Dr. Bloom discovered that the all he needed to do was to be completely concerned with the person or task that was in front of him. With this undivided attention he spent half as much time as he had spent on the first day and he was able to retain all he had seen and heard.

Dr. Anthony Bloom later became Orthodox Archbishop Anthony Bloom and he continued this practice of being fully present to those in his present: people, tasks and God.

Bloom’s discovery is in agreement with psychology research.

Bloom found that when his attention was divided:

  • he needed to repeat questions and examinations 2 or 3 times.
  • he had no clear memory of information at the end of the day

Psychology studies find that when we divide attention by multitasking:

  • we have up to 40% decrease in productivity
  • drivers on cell phones take longer to reach destinations.
  • quality of work decreases
  • Our IQ lowers
  • Error rate increases up to 50%
  • The more complicated the task the more the rate of error increases.
  • Our brain gets tired faster. Switching attention is hard work.

Staying present to the present makes us better workers.

Our production is increased, our quality is increased, our energy in increased.

For me I would add:

  • my peace of mind is increased
  • my pleasure in work is increased
  • my connection with God is increased

I am working to train myself to spend more of my time present to the present.

I find this requires some intention and training.

My first training game is:


  • Stop what I am doing
  • Take a breath
  • Observe what is in the now – including God’s presence
  • Proceed with what I was doing.

This game has worked well for me and I have played it often enough that I discovered a shortened version that also works effectively. (In fact I like it even better because I can stay in the flow.)

My second training game removes the S and P.

My work does not S– stop or P-proceed. Work just continues uninterrupted.  stop sign rabbit_LI

Soul Sculpting Project: T.O. the Present

  • T – Take a breath

  • O – Observe what is in the now – including God’s presence

This game can be done any time and any where for any length of time.

Right now is a possible time to Take a breath and Observe the now.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My right  Now is quiet with a cloudy-dawn sky, and our ever-present God.

What’s in your right Now?


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