Soul Sculpting: Put Some Art in Your Day: Dump Your Art Wounds and Get Creative

Soul Sculpting: Put Some Art in Your Day: Dump Your Art Wounds and Get Creative

What do you and Michelangelo have is common?     You are both humans and


both creative.

Our Judeo-Christian tradition sees people as created in the image of a God who is infinitely creative.

Before we go one word further we’d better address our Art Wounds.

Do you know anyone who says, “I’m just not creative?”

According to Dr. Brene’ Brown many of us have had a shaming experience in childhood related to art. When I was in junior high my art teacher told me that I was

‘not good at art.’ Fortunately I didn’t totally believe her, but she did steer me away from pursuing more art classes where I might have gained useful art skills. Others of us acquired our wounds at an older age.

If you are one of the many Wounded Artists this is a good moment to turn an about-face and give art another try. All us are created to be creative.

Art used as therapy has an impressive record.

  • Art therapy has successfully helped people with anxiety, depression, addictions, PTSD, chronic pain, cancer, high blood pressure, bipolar disorder, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and more.

We are designed to be creative.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Do I have to actually do the creating, or can I just look at or listen to what someone else created?

Viewing and hearing art created by others has benefits.

  • Yale University found that young physicians became significantly better diagnosticians after taking an art history course.
  • In hospitals, listening to music is successfully used to increase the well-being of patients.

Creating art has benefits.

Research has found that if we want to lower our rate of cognitive decline, doing creative activities appears be more effective than just appreciating the creative works of others.

  • Mayo Clinic 2017: People over age 70 who did crafts projects had a lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment than did those who read books.
  • A study out of Germany 2014: Retirees who painted and sculpted had greater improvements in spatial reasoning and emotional resilience than did a similar group who attended art appreciation classes.

Doing art has a host of benefits beyond cognitive; such as control over pain, improved mood, post-traumatic growth, and improved immune system.

Good news for all of us: The beneficial effects of creating aren’t dependent on our skill or talent.

It’s the process, not the product that matters the most.

What counts as Art?    Here are a few of the arts that have been effective in Art Therapy:

  • Music
  • Visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, pottery, and textiles)
  • Movement-based expression, dance
  • Expressive writing (prose and poetry)
  • Theater acting.

Soul Sculpting Project: Put Some Art in Your Day

  1.  Select one of the above methods of art.
  2.  Spend 2 minutes creating art each day this week   OR
  3. Spend 10-15 minutes creating art one day this week.

Tip for the busy: You can do art with a project you are already doing. Sketch something on a note, sing and dance while you work, take your photos with art in mind.

Remind your Wounded Artist that you are a person created to be creative. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

All forms of art are game this week. Play.

















2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ruth Ann says:

    This morning I mailed a Christmas pkg to my brother. This art project had been sitting (unsatisfactorily) unfinished for 2 months. Before I went to bed last night I laid it out in a prominent place with a prayer asking for inspiration for finishing touches to make it special for my brother. This a.m. I knew exactly how to complete it. I loved being an artist today. Thanks for reinforcement.

    1. soulsculpt says:

      I celebrate with you! May many more art days come your way.

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