Simple, quick, persistent drops of transformation.

Goal: To increase our ability to thrive and connect more deeply with God. When we increase our thriving we will increase the well-being of those around us.

Time: Each sculpting project takes 5 minutes or less.

Projects are based on historic and current Christian practices and are supported by research on  well-being from various fields of science.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all  your strength. Then secondly, “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  (Mark 12:30-31)

Why I Began Soul Sculpting

me tree (3)

Brother Lawrence first became my hero in my high school years. I wanted to be like this lay brother who Practiced God’s Presence while he washed dishes.

I wanted to live a life in conversation and connection with God all day long. I wanted this, a lot.

For many years my New Years resolution was to Practice God’s Presence, but as January progressed I discovered that my will-power was not enough. And I had another problem. My mind.

I experienced my brain as an out of control 2-year-old: racing about, endlessly interrupting by throwing one thought on another, shouting out in quiet moments, running in circles of worry, starting a job and then abandoning it when distracted. My mind was unwilling to do the real work needed for all day conversation and connection with God.

I finally concluded that greater thought control was just not possible.

That was until a cold February in 2008.

On a private at-home retreat I discovered my first tool for training my wild 2-year-old: an ancient and now freshly offered prayer method called Centering Prayer. That discovery launched me into a new adventure.

I began to read, research, and experiment with two topics. Christian practices and positive psychology. I discovered that historic and contemporary Christian practices have reputable psychology research documenting their ability to increase our health and well-being.

I felt like I had struck gold and I wanted to share it. I shared the information with my friends and I offered a class for my small Anglican church. The next year Soul Sculpting was born. The first group was made up of friends and members from my church. For this brave group I created two-week projects that combined Christian practices and Psychology research. I adjusted the projects as I received feed back and I welcome your feed back for further improvements.

My daughter Terese suggested I put the group projects on a blog for long distance friends. So I got this WordPress site and I am learning to blog. My daughter Claire set up a public Facebook group, Soul Sculpting Group, and helped me connect with her many friends. You are welcome to join this group.

I am not an expert at Soul Sculpting. I am a fellow learner.

I am on the lookout for research that supports or refutes Soul Sculpting projects.

I test drive all of the projects myself before I offer them to you.

I continue to Soul Sculpt every day.

I have not arrived at 100% thought control and well-being. Nor am I continually connected with God.

But Soul Sculpting Projects have significantly increased my thought control, well-being, and connection time with God.

I pray that you will also find them transformational.

Simple, quick, persistent drops of transformation.

About Cheri Howard

I lead classes and retreats on spiritual practices and well-being.

In my past I have lived in several Colorado towns, Spokane Washington (where I graduated from Shadle Park High school and Whitworth College), Woodstock Vermont, Chicagoland Illinois (where I audited at Trinity Divinity School), The Bay Area of California.

My church history includes Congregational, United Methodist, Southern Baptist, Brethren, LaSalle St. (in Chicago), Evangelical Free, Vineyard, and currently Anglican. I appreciate them ALL.

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