Cheri leads workshops, retreats, and small groups based on the Soul Sculpting projects and other topics. Upcoming events are listed below.

Five to Thrive – 6 Hour Retreat/Workshop

I am grateful to be alive. But the older I get the more I am saying to myself, “I do not want to just survive, I want to thrive.”

We will play five games to Thrive. These games (or if you prefer, exercises/practices) blend Christian practices with current research findings in psychology.

By the end of the day you will have experienced 5 games you can play any time that will increase your well-being and the well-being of everyone in your life.

Game 1   Body- Mind Team

Christian practice: St. Dominic (1170- 1221) Prayer postures

Science: Harnessing the connection between our mind and body

to increase our well-being.

Game 2   Flash Prayers

Christian Practice: Frank Laubach’s quick prayers of intercession

Science: Compassion for others increases our physical and emotional health.

Game 3   Three Bites of Pleasure It’s not just what we eat that matters, it’s also how we eat.

Christian Practice: Attention – taking our thoughts captive 2 Corinthians 10:5

Science: Digestion begins in the brain. When we eat with attention, pleasure,

and low stress our bodies receive increased nutrition from of our food.

Game 4    Lectio Divina with the Book of Nature

Christian practice: Reading God’s Book of Nature with

the ancient method of Lectio Divina.

Science: Time in nature increases our mental, emotional and physical health.

Game 5  Talking Back

Christian Practice: Talk back to unhelpful thoughts with Evagrius of Pontus (AD 345-399) 

Science: Developing cognitive therapy skills.


The Two Book Tradition 6-8 hour Retreat


The invisible aspects of God can be clearly seen by looking at the things He has made.

(Romans 1:20)

Sacred writings are bound in two volumes: that of creation and that of the Holy Scripture.

(Thomas Aquinas, 1245-1274)

This retreat takes place in a location with access to nature.

We explore the Book of Nature in 5 sessions.

  1. Paying Attention: Developing our skills of paying attention.
  2. Our Natural History Stories: Connecting with others by sharing our stories
  3. Lectio Divina with The Book of Nature Reading God’s Book of Nature using the ancient method of Lectio Divina.
  4. Nature and the Arts: Combining creativity and nature.
  5. Liturgy in Nature Closing Service

Sessions include: Stories from historical and current Christians, psychology research on our relationship with nature, discussion, hands on activities and exercises.

Stepping over a Threshold  6-8 hour Workshop


Let us step over the threshold andlet us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus. . .” (Hebrews 12:1b-2a)

This workshop provides information from the field of psychology and the tools to begin stepping into a new future.

Session 1: Stepping into Growth: Fixed and Growth mindsets We’ll examine and then develop skills to improve our mindsets.

Session 2: Our Stories of Risk Exploring the value of wise risks.

Session 3: Choosing a Step: Goal setting theory and implementation.

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