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Slow Bites Sculpting Project Four Week 2

Slow Bites Project 4 Week Two

Imagine your favorite meal. What is on your plate? Pasta? Salmon? Sweet corn? Garden fresh tomatoes? Fruit salad? Sourdough bread? And what is for desert? Peach pie? Chocolate mousse? Now imagine that same favorite meal going into a blender and being poured in a bowl for your dining pleasure. If your reaction is not one of pleasure you are not alone. But isn’t it all the same thing when it comes to nutritional value?

A study cited in Marc David’s The Slow Down Diet gave a group of Thai women two versions of a favorite Thai meal. The first version was a regular full course meal fresh out of the pan. The second version was the same meal put in a blender and turned to mush before serving. The iron absorption was then measured after each meal and it was found that the women absorbed 70% less iron in the blended meal. Apparently the pleasure taken in a meal makes a real difference in our body’s ability to benefit from the nutrients in food. God built us to enjoy our food.

Benefits you may experience from Slow Bites Project:
1.Improved absorption of nutrients.
2.Increased pleasure
3.Greater ability to direct your thoughts
4.Awareness of God’s presence

You may have noticed that Slow Bites is a sub-project of Here and Now for 2-10.
We are seeking to train our minds to be here and now with what is right under our nose (or in our mouth). Being fully present with an experience like eating will increase our ability to be fully here and now with the God who is with us right here and now.

I’ve found Slow Bites to be challenging in two ways.
1.Speed eating is my natural mode. Slowing down to pay attention takes determined intention.
2.Remembering. The first week I found myself done with a meal, when I remembered, “Oh yea, I was supposed to pay attention to that meal.” After a few days I started to remember in the middle of the meal and now (after a month at it) I frequently remember at the start.

Ideas? Put a picture of Jesus on the table to remember who is dining with you. Put a sticky note in the silverware drawer or in the fridge. Set the table differently as a visual reminder.

How is it going for you? Tell someone in our sculpting group your challenges and solutions. And what you bit.

“For health and strength and daily bread we give you thanks, oh God.”

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Sculpting Project Four: Slow Bites, Week 1

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFully ripe, it has a little ‘give’ when I squeeze it. The juice flows out as I slice it open. The perfect peach. I have eaten many over my years. But today is different. Today I will attempt a feat I’ve seldom done. I will attempt to eat this perfect peach being fully here and now, with the peach, with my surrounding and with Jesus. My strategy: Eat slowly.

Sculpting Project #4 Slow Bites

Method 1: Each time we eat take three of the bites very slowly.

Notice the bites, notice yourself, notice your surroundings, notice God’s presence .


Method 2: Daily, eat one entire snack or meal slowly.

Give your full attention to the experience of eating and God’s presence.


Digestion Digression

God has built our bodies so that if we appreciate/ take pleasure in our food we actually get more out of it. Cephalic Phase Digestive Response is our experience of the taste, aroma, satisfaction, and over all pleasure of a meal.

When we eat with pleasure this response causes our bodies to get the most nutrition the food has to offer.

When we eat mindlessly we significantly diminish the assimilation of specific nutrients, and even calorie burning power.

When we eat with stress we create a digestive shutdown. A stressed body does not consider digestion a priority. When we are stressed enzymes in our saliva that breakdown food are reduced and blood flow to the small intestine is decreased by up to 4X. This creates poor assimilation of nutrients.

Slowing down, giving attention to our food in a spirit of gratitude will help our bodies benefit from our eating. It’s the way God built us.


Tip: I find it helpful to take a few deep breaths during a meal. It seems to signal me to relax and the extra oxygen is beneficial as well.

Summary: Slow Bites Sculpting Project

1. Eat slowly. 3 bites per meal or 1 meal/snack a day;

2. Paying attention to the food in the company of God.

3. Keep accountable: write down what you bite.

4. Communicate with others about your sculpting!

Whether, then, you eat or drink or what ever you do, do all to the Glory of God.